Meetings are generally from 11:45am to 1:00pm at Ross Tower in Downtown Dallas unless otherwise noted in the meeting details. At Ross Tower there is a tunnel that connects several buildings; just take the escalator down past the Starbucks and we are the first meeting room to the right.


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Upcoming Meetings


Wednesday September 9th – Increasing Electric Resiliency in Texas

  “The Texas electric grid enjoys higher renewable penetration, tremendous load growth, and congestion in an energy-only market.  How do you increase reliability and resiliency in this dynamic market?  We will look at multiple perspectives from ERCOT, utilities, and end-users and discuss actionable next steps…


WEBINAR – April 8th – Space-Based Solar Power: unlimited clean energy from space

Please join us online for our first webinar.   April 8th starting at noon.         Space-Based Solar Power:  unlimited clean energy from space   Nobody’s ever heard of it.  That sounds like science-fiction! Too expensive?  Impractical??  Won’t it always be just…


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