Meetings are generally from 11:45am to 1:00pm at Ross Tower in Downtown Dallas unless otherwise noted in the meeting details. At Ross Tower there is a tunnel that connects several buildings; just take the escalator down past the Starbucks and we are the first meeting room to the right.


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Upcoming Meetings


Potential for Efficient Electrification: Looking out to 2050 – April 12

In 2018, EPRI released the results of the U.S. National Electrification Assessment (USNEA), which examined customer adoption of electric end-use technologies over the next three decades, along with key implications for efficiency, the environment, and the grid. The study finds that across a range of…


Wireless Lighting Controls and Smart Buildings – Kevin Myles – Friday March 8th

Please join us Friday March 8th for a discussion on wireless lighting controls including energy efficiency and smart buildings by Kevin Myles.   His topic of discussion will be the General Services Administration’s “Proving Ground” program and how advances in LED lighting and wireless lighting…


Update on Denton’s Renewable Energy Plan

Please join us on September 13th as George Morrow brings us up to speed on Denton’s Energy Plan.   On Feb. 6, 2018, the City Council adopted the Denton Renewable Resource Plan (DRRP), which set a goal to have 100 percent of Denton’s energy load…


TOUR – Denton Energy Center – Oct 11th

Please join us in Denton on October 11th for a tour of the recently commissioned Denton Energy Center.   The Denton Energy Center (DEC) is a 225-megawatt, quick-start, natural gas power plant. Set on 300 acres inside the Denton city limits, the DEC is located…


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